It's a real sensation: Benjamin Tison, French number 1 and 60th player in the FIP rankings, will stop playing international tournaments!

While he seemed to be in full swing, with a very good performance against Ruiz / Tello with Aitor Garcia in Milan, Benjamin Tison announced on Instagram that he was retiring internationally. A real surprise for French fans who certainly did not imagine such a decision.

But as he explains in his post, the 34-year-old received “an offer that was difficult to refuse”. For the moment, we don't really know what it is, but we imagine a position of responsibility still in the world of padel. The 2021 French Champion (who also won two Interclubs with All In Padel Lyon) therefore puts an end to his career, and thanks all the players with whom he shared the track, as well as his coaches.

It's a small blow for the French team, which loses its best player, and for the entire padel French which loses its best male representative at international level.

Benjamin Tison

Arriving in Spain four years ago, the Ile-de-France resident will have succeeded in his challenge of launching into the padel professional. He will forever remain the best French player in the history of the World Padel Tour among the men (including an eighth-final obtained with the Belgian Clément Geens in Amsterdam), as well as the very first Frenchman to have been part of the men's world Top 60 (best ranking: 57 FIP).

A real page from padel French turns this Wednesday, December 13, 2023. Will we still see Benjamin again at a few major tournaments, like his friend Johan Bergeron, who announced he was stopping his career a year ago, but who was unable to stop yourself from taking up the pala several times this year?

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