Alix Collombon and Jessica Castello lost today in the quarter-finals World Padel Tour Miami Open.

Present in the quarter-finals for the 2022 organizational tournament, Alix Collombon and Jessica Castello were hoping to treat themselves for the first time a place in the semi-finals of a WPT Open or Masters.

Unfortunately for them, as in Cordoba, they came across Paula Josemaria and Ariana Sanchez who had no real intention of giving them a present.

The Frenchwoman and her partner, as often, offered a solid performance, but not enough to thwart the plans of the seeded number 2.

In the first set, while the debates were balanced, Alix and Jessica were broken at 4/4 on a “punto de oro”, which led to the victory of the first set for the players of Miguel Sciorilli: 6/4.

Dominated at the start of the second set, Alix and Jessice managed to come back to 5/4, saving a match point brilliantly as you can see just below:

Unfortunately for the Franco-Spanish pair, the favorites have once again moved up a gear at the best of times, winning 6/4 6/4. As you can see just below, the match point was concluded with a magnificent cushioning by Paula Josemaria:

This Miami Open will of course remain a very positive tournament for Alix Collombon and Jessica Castello, who will have managed to get into the quarter-finals, something they were only able to do during the penultimate tournament of the season in 2021.

The Franco-Spanish pair are kicking off their year perfectly, and they will no doubt soon have another opportunity to reach the semi-finals of a major tournament!

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