Constance Caracciolo, the wife of Christian Vieri ex-professional footballer Italian, publicly challenges her husband to padel !

This Instagram influencer, fervent practitioner of sports (pilates, gym…), explains her way of training and why she publicly challenges “Bobo" at padel via the interview of the - Italian site

Costanza Caracciolo: a busy life

Instagram influencer, model, showgirl ... mother of Stella and Isabel and wife of Christian Vieri: the newspaper Gazzetta returns via its website on nutrition, professional projects, indiscretions and the challenge padel to her husband from this hyperactive woman.

  • Two pregnancies that cannot be seen on her figure
“I had not yet lost all the pounds from the first pregnancy, the second came and added more pounds: the two pregnancies were very close. I gave birth in March 2020, in the midst of a pandemic.
In July I met the one who is now my nutritionist, Sacha Sorrentino, who completely corrected my diet: good food associations, introduction of vegetable proteins, habit of snacks. I started to eat well, which I did not do before, I also did tests to see if there were substances capable of causing me intolerance. I took charge of my health, I started to follow a personalized diet, adapted to my body “.
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  • Sport too!

“Two pregnancies have changed the way I think about physical activity. I have always been a great sportswoman: I have danced for 18 years, I practiced the fit boxing. Things were rhythmic and active. With the pregnancies I started to practice pilates, a discipline that I had never practiced before and which accompanied me until the eighth month, even the ninth. Then came the Covid and the closure of all sports structures ”.

“My favorite walks and runs in the park, early in the morning, make me feel good. They give me healthy energy, prepare me in a positive way to face the day. Then my other physical activity begins: mom! When I can, I do too dance lessons with my old choreographer"

Sporty despite what Christian Vieri says!

  • She waits for the theaters to reopen

“Even if I organize myself, I miss a lot of gym and I can't wait for theaters to reopen. I feel the need to play sports like no other, to get dressed, to go out, to resume pilates. It can also be done at home, but you concentrate less because you have more distractions around. ”

  • His plans for 2021?

“Continue active work on my social networks: I never stopped, even during pregnancies. I like to advise people who follow me in their choices, to personally test what I present. During the first confinement, I had organized interviews experts, to offer an additional service to my followers, who for various reasons do not have access to specialists. There is many projects and dreams that I will all achieve one day or another ! "

  • Soon ready to challenge her husband at padel !

"Soon I will start taking classes to challenge Christian no later than this summer. He says I'm unsportsmanlike: I want to prove him wrong!"

source: official website

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