The spanish brand Nox reveals its entire armada of racquets for the 2024 season and it's going to be very heavy!

The AT Luxury line by Agustin Tapia

Emblematic line of the superb Argentinian player, theAT Luxury will be found in three variations, for even more sensations:

  • Let's start with theAT Luxury Attack, with its diamond shape. This pala is suitable for all players looking for maximum aggression in their attack shots. The edges have been profiled to increase aerodynamics, the grip has been lengthened to make it easier to hold and increase leverage. The brand also incorporated the EOS Flap technology, which consists of side perforations designed to increase the maneuverability of the racket and distribute the weight in order to have a fast and lethal racket in the hands. The new combination of materials, with the 18K carbon fiber associated with multi-layer foam MLD Black Eva gives a very comfortable feeling while maintaining a solid semi-hard touch. We also find new technology Pulse System : two bands designed to absorb vibrations. Note that like all the other palas in the Luxury 2024 range, it incorporates patented technology NOX Custom Grip® certified by Test Padel to increase grip and reduce vibration. It also includes the replaceable safety wrist strap system smartstrap®.
  • Still in the range, we can look at AT10 Luxury Genius 18K, THE pala used by the “Genius of Catamarca” on a daily basis. From a manufacturing point of view, it looks exactly like the AT Luxury Attack. The same technologies are used with always a lot of novelty: Pulse System, EOS Flap technology, NOX Custom Grip®, etc. What makes these two rackets different in the end is the shape. The AT Luxury Genius 18K is in a teardrop shape and is therefore ideal for players looking for versatility.
  • Finally, in the AT Luxury range, theAT Luxury Genius 12K. It also resembles its big sisters in its construction. Same technologies, similar weight... On the other hand, its difference is notable in its name alone: ​​it is designed with 12K carbon fiber, which gives it a slightly different feel.

ML10 Luxury by Miguel Lamperti

Miguel Lamperti's timeless racket, the ML10 Pro Cup was awarded in 2023 as best hybrid style racket. Let's see what the 2024 range offers:

  • The ML10 Pro Cup Luxury 2024 This year incorporates modifications in the mold and new technologies while keeping its round shape. Just like the AT range, the ML has profiled edges to increase aerodynamics and the grip has also been lengthened to make it easier to hold. She has the right to EOS Flap technology for greater maneuverability and optimal weight distribution. For its materials, no notable modifications. The new Pro Cup Luxury retains the combination of its predecessors: the 3K carbon fiber et the legendary NOX HR3 rubber. In the handle, we find the same technologies as on the AT line: Pulse System, NOX Custom Grip® and smartstrap®.
  • In the range, we also find the ML10 Luxury Bahia 12K. This time, the pala is in a teardrop shape, for even more versatility. Contrary to the ML10 Pro Cup, this racket was designed with 12K carbon fiber, making it a little stiffer and more resistant. As with all Nox rackets, the handle has been designed to experience as little vibration as possible and therefore generate less trauma to the wrist and arm.
  • To finish with the ML10, it is time to look at the last pala: the ML10 Luxury Shotgun 18K. This racket is in diamond shape : enough to delight aggressive players looking for a powerful racket. The Shotgun is designed with a combination of 18K carbon fiber and classic NOX HR3 coating. Regarding the other technologies used in this pala, they are similar to those of other rackets in the ML10 range.

The Advanced Equation

In 2022, theEquation Advanced was elected best racket padel for intermediate players according to the prestigious Swedish product evaluation company Test fact. The Equation Advanced range has been available in two palas.

  • The Advanced Equation combines maneuverability, control and precision with excellent touch and a wide sweetspot. It is a racket with an average balance, a carbon frame et an anti-vibration system to protect players from injury. This pala also includes the safety lanyard system Smart strap® replaceable.
  • The Equation Lady Advanced is identical in terms of technology to the Equation Advanced. The biggest difference in the end, it's the graphics. Nox swapped orange and black for pink and white, with iridescent highlights. The balance is also lower.

The AT Pro Cup Genius

As its name suggests, theAT Pro Cup Genius is a mix between AT10 and ML10.

THEAT Pro Cup combines the most notable features of both: maneuverable and fast like the AT10, and comfortable and durable like the ML10. Its teardrop shape adds a little more versatility to this pala.

It includes the replaceable safety line system Smart strap®.

Aranzazu Osoro’s VK10 Future 2024

Now time for a pala available in a single version: the VK10 Future, racket used by the Argentinian player, Aranzazu Osoro.

The new VK10 retains aspects of its predecessor such as a round shape and a HR3 foam, highly responsive. It is ideal for controlling the game from the back of the field but presents as a novelty a finish in 12K aluminized carbon fiber for a comfortable but solid touch.

The VK10 Future also has a replaceable safety strap system. Smart strap®, which improves hygiene and durability by allowing the cord to be easily replaced, without having to handle the bottom cap.

Leo Augsburger's LA10 Future

The young prodigy Leo Augsburger has a very racy game and he relies everything on his aggressiveness. If we give a ball a little too high to one of the pibes, this is the assured correction. There LA10 Future has therefore been entirely designed to suit Leo. If, like this superb athlete, you identify with a style of play between speed and aggression, this pala should suit you. It presents a diamond shape, with a HR3 foam and a fiber of 12K aluminized carbon.

Tino Libaak's TL10 Future

Speaking of pibes, here is the racket of Leo Augsburger's sidekick: Tino Libaak. There TL10 Future, specially designed for the Argentinian is it teardrop shaped and stands out for its adaptability to different situations. She also has the HR3 foam and 12K aluminized carbon fiber. It’s in some ways a more manageable version of the one used by Libaak’s teammate.

Gwenaelle Souyri

It was his brother who one day told him to accompany him on a track. padel, since then, Gwenaëlle has never left the court. Except when it comes to going to watch the broadcast of Padel Magazine, World Padel Tour… or Premier Padel…or the French Championships. In short, she is a fan of this sport.