DELTA SPORT INVESTMENT (DSI) is able to meet all your construction needs: whether for the construction of land, buildings or your slab.

Land of padel professionals

For the fields, capital elements to the success of your club, to the loyalty of your players but above all to the safety of your members, we work in close collaboration with our Spanish partner PADEL 10. It is a company dedicated exclusively to the manufacture, installation and maintenance of padel since 11 years. PADEL10 designed and manufactured in 2012 the first track of padel panoramic and transportable for the most prestigious professional circuit in the world, the World Padel Tour. The company manufactures and installs around 300 courts per year on 5 continents.

“During our search for a manufacturer to assist us in the development of the padel in France, we immediately thought of PADEL 10. We immediately shared the same philosophy around quality and innovation. We were impressed with their attention to detail, both technical and aesthetic. The best example was the creation of the first fully panoramic and transportable court for the World Padel Tour. We work hand in hand with them in order to offer the best service to all our customers. »

says David Beynel, co-founder with Stéphane Vergnères of DELTA SPORT INVESTMENT (DSI).

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 Structures and layout

We offer different types of buildings: metal frame type traditional industrial building or a wooden frame structure. In addition, we cover the entire construction process:

  • Definition of your project
  • Architecture and interior design
  • Turnkey delivery

            [box type = ”info” align = ”” class = ”” width = ””] DELTA SPORT INVESTMENT (DSI) is a Bordeaux company created with the aim of actively contributing to the development of padel in France but also internationally. Our areas of intervention are aimed at players as well as clubs. DSI offers a unique global offer that includes the following areas:

-Construction of land with our partner PADEL 10

-Pro Shop with the brands STARVIE, KELME PADEL, ROYAL PADEL and NEXXO

- Animation and management tools with the application PADEL AROUND

-Events with the organization of tournaments, training courses or match exhibitions with the best players on the planet

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  • To call us: David BEYNEL 06 74 95 26 40 / Stéphane VERGNERES 06 72 04 17 14 [/ box]