Le Premier Padel Brussels P2 offers a combination of colors that we are not used to seeing: a black track surrounded by red.

With the ceiling of Tour&Taxis, a brown which depending on the lighting can turn golden yellow, we would almost have the flag of the Belgium. Indeed, unlike last year, where he wore a blue/red combination typical of the World Padel Tour, the Belgian tournament is innovating this year in terms of colors.

We therefore have a black track, which we now know from having seen it at various events last year, surrounded by an incandescent red carpet. A novelty since until now, when the track was black, the entire room was black. In any case, we imagine that this new combination, which is reminiscent of the Red Devils jersey of the national football team, should leave no one indifferent.

So, are you won over by this visual rendering?

As a reminder, the first matches of the main draw can be followed this Tuesday on the YouTube channel of Premier Padel.

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