Dylan Guichard looks back on his recent defeat with Thomas Leygue in the semi-final of the FIP Promotion Castellon, on the end of the “Dalton Show”, his new start in Madrid, and even explains his choice of racket!

A defeat that hurts FIP Promotion of Castellon with Thomas Leygue

“I think what we lacked in the semi-final, against Matias Nicoletti and Adrian Rodriguez, was a little mental freshness. In other words, we spent a little too much time on the pitch during the previous matches.

In this semi-final, we had the match in hand and we were unable to finish. We had match points at 6/4 5/4, it was a match that was rather well constructed and well conducted. We didn't know how to finish when we needed to and we then embarked on a complicated third set during which physically and mentally, things gave out a little.” 

Dylan Guichard Thomas Leygue FIP promotion

The end of The Dalton Show?

“The show ended quite simply because it was the end of the collocation quite simply. We all took different paths. I went to Madrid, Julien left with Carla (Touly), Philémon is still looking for an apartment, he is between Paris and Barcelona now I think and Manu came to live with me in Madrid. We are all in slightly different projects. But that doesn't take away from the fact that we're still great friends, and maybe in the future we'll do this again. But this is no longer possible at present.” 

A new beginning

“Madrid is a bit of a new beginning for me. I needed a change of scenery, a change in training structure and to see new things. I went to train at the CEPAC academy of Mati Diaz and Gaston Malacalza. I'm in a group with Thomas Leygue in particular and I'm really very happy. They take time for me, they feel that I am invested and they repay me. I train every day when possible and then I also have my physical trainer in Madrid.

In France, I will play the P2000 tournaments when there is not a super important tournament at the same time, and the French Championships. My partner will be Maxime Forcin.”

The French team: a major objective in 2024

“With the international retirements of Jérémy Scatena and Benjamin Tison, there are places opening up for new players in the France team. Be careful however, with the return to competition of Johan Bergeron, this also makes a very good player who returns among the potential candidates. But for my part, I'm not going to hide it, the French team remains a major objective this year.

I really hope to be able to join the selection this year, and I think I can claim it. We will see what the coach decides, whatever happens I will respect the choices that are made, but it would really be an honor for me to be able to wear the colors of the France team!”

Its partnership with Kuikma

“I am really happy with my partnership with Kuikma, a brand that is experiencing impressive growth and produces racquets of padel very high quality. Recently I changed my racquet to one of their newest models. Kuikma has launched a new range called PR Carbon, and offers a pala in each of the three classic shapes, round, hybrid, and diamond. For my part, I opted for the model Power Carbon diamond-shaped, it is the one that releases the most power.

As it is a little lighter than the MS Pro, Maxi Sanchez's racket, which I used before, it offers more maneuverability without delivering less power for me. It’s this combination of lightness and power that makes the Carbon Power now my favorite racquet!”

Dorian Massy

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