Exhibition Padel World, the first international exhibition of padel in Portugal and one of the world references in our sport, will host the International Padel Summit – a place for training, in-depth discussions, strategic networking and celebrating the growth and success of padel worldwide.

The program, spread over June 28, 29 and 30, will include round tables on the latest trends, innovative techniques and training strategies. The presence of leading personalities in the world of padel, such as international coaches Miguel Scriorilli and Cláudio Gilardoni, as well as nationals Paulo Caldeira and Miguel Oliveira, will guarantee a rich and diverse discussion. Crucial topics like the importance of planning in high-level competitions and the secrets to developing a winning mentality will be covered.

For coaches looking to optimize their techniques and knowledge, the summit offers a valuable opportunity, granting 3,2 credit units certified by the Instituto Português do Desporto e da Juventude (Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth, IPDJ) and the Portuguese Federation Padel (Portuguese Federation of padel, FPP). In addition, participants will be able to participate in interactive sessions, and spaces will be dedicated to the exchange of ideas and knowledge during breaks.

Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to explore subjects that are often neglected but essential for a healthy and effective practice of padel. Sessions on individualized or duo training, injury prevention and treatment, led by qualified health professionals will be offered.

In addition to these important topics for the continued growth and development of the padel and the quality of the speakers guaranteeing a unique experience, the International Padel Summit will also provide attendees with the opportunity to connect with new industry peers, learn from the best and propel the padel towards new heights of excellence.

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