Fernando Belasteguin is a player apart. The one who spent sixteen years at the top of the padel world is considered the greatest player in history. But that's not enough for this workaholic, who, at 44, is still not satisfied.

As he explained to our colleagues at Marca, the Argentinian still wants more and that has nothing to do with the increase in prize money and the possibility that players have today of winning more money. money : “Economically, it would be worth playing two more years but I have never played for money.”

No, what motivates Fernando is the victories, the possibility of being able to evolve at the highest level: “I want to play to win until the end. I have one year left, and I hope I can get through it by competing with the best.”

It is said: the Pehuajo player has one career year left and he does not intend to make up the numbers. For fans, we will have to take advantage of these last twelve months, after which a huge page in the history of our sport will turn. After seeing JM Diaz, Mieres, Lima, Mati Diaz, the Alayeto twins and Eli Amatriain say goodbye this year, we still want to be able to enjoy the few legends that remain, like Bela of course, but also like Carolina Navarro, Sanyo Gutiérrez, Lucia Sainz, Patty Llaguno…

Certainly frustrated to miss the WPT Master Final for the first time and with his eyes already turned towards 2024, the “Boss” has not said his last word this season, and he will be well present in Milan alongside Miguel Yanguas. Will he be able to thrill the Italian public?

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