Among the gentlemen, Dorian DeMeyer (261st in the world) is the only French survivor of the first round of the FIP promotion from Sharjah to the United Arab Emirates.

Wave of packages

After the elimination of Xavier Masson in advance yesterday, Dorian DeMeyer is the only French survivor among the Gentlemen. Seeded number seven with the Spaniard Guillem Figuerola Santiago (232nd), the two men entered the tournament perfectly today by crushing a local team benefiting from a wild-card, Alhashmi/Walid (6/0 – 6/0). They will have a good chance to play in the round of XNUMX tomorrow against the Argentines Alex Perticarini (1860) et Claudio Bobadilla (987), before perhaps challenging the second seed in the table.

A Men's table which saw a wave of matches canceled today. After Jérôme Inzerillo et Romain Sichez have unsubscribed before the draw, Julien Seurin et Adrien Maigret (TS4) withdrew from their first round this Thursday. The Italians Simone Cremona et Lorenzo DiGiovanni, favorites of the tournament, also won for the benefit of the Monegasques Dario maturi et Pierre Valsot.

The Top 100 in the sights for Carla Touly

Number one seed in the table, the team made up of the Spaniard Carla Fito Fernandez (93rd in the world) and Carla Toully was exempt from the first rounds today. The two players will begin their competition tomorrow at noon in the round of 100 against a XNUMX% Iberian pair, Musial/Donate.

Big favorite among the Ladies with her partner, the Frenchwoman has a good chance to play this week to get closer to the Top 100 and possibly integrate it depending on the results of the other players. The main threat to Touly and Fito Fernandez lies on the other side of the table with the two best German players, Victoria Kurz et Denise Hoefer (TS2).

Martin Schmuda

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