The FIP Rise in Tenerife is preparing and the list of registered participants shows us a strong French presence among the girls, with no less than six French representatives.

Indeed, we will have two 100% French duos, Barsotti / Sireix and Phaysouphanh / Ligi, a Franco-Spanish pair, Martin / Rodriguez, a Franco-Portuguese duo, Touly / Vilela. Carla and her Lusitanian partner will also form the 7 seed, and represent on paper the strongest French chance in this competition.

The tournament favorites seem to be Raquel Piltcher and Xenia Clasca, seeded 2, ahead of Julia Polo and Patricia Ribeiro, seeded number 1. Will we be entitled to any surprises in this FIP Rise? Answer next week.

Among the men, we notice that no French player made the trip. This is actually quite often the case in Spain since the large number of good players increases the chances of being surprised by pairs who play much better than their ranking suggests.

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