We told you about it a little while ago, Head vient de unveil a brand new range: the Radical. On the program, versatile rackets focused on control.

The consumer is spoiled for choice with Head, whoever wants maximum power has the range Extreme, the one who, on the contrary to control, can turn towards the range Gravity. And for those who are in between, there are still two possibilities: the range Speed for power-oriented versatility, and therefore the new range Radical, for control-oriented versatility.

The new Head Radical

As you see, three models make up this new range of palas which have a new water drop mold. The version Pro benefits from 3k carbon on the faces and weighs 370 grams. It is therefore intended for advanced players. Those who want a lighter and more manageable version can turn to the Motion, reduced by 15 grams. Finally, for players of a slightly lower level and looking for comfort, theElite offers an even more comfortable pala with fiberglass on the sides.

In order to offer maximum control, these three palas have a foam Comfort Foam, which will delight players wanting a large ball release, good tolerance and absorption of significant vibrations.

Experienced players looking for versatility and control, go for it!

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