In Clermont-Ferrand. Aurélien ROUGERIE and his associates add the padel  at the magnificent 800 m2 multisport complex already in existence: 8 squashes, an indoor multisport playground (indoor rugby-foot, ultimate freesbee, zumba), a children's play area, and now the padel are activities serving athletes alongside the dynamic brasserie-catering complex where everyone can relax in front of the giant screens and ASM Rugby.

Harold CHARPENTIER, sports coordinator of the center and BE of Squash explains that these are "my squashing friends who told me about padel as an alternative to squash: as playful as it is addictive! When I played my first games, I had to face the facts: the Padel makes crazy" .

Harold goes on to explain that "lhe squash activity is becoming more and more important, we planned to add squash courts to the Hpark. It was also an opportunity to launch ourselves into the Padel . "

Today, the HPARK is the first structure to offer Padel in Auvergne. “We therefore have a lot of promotional work to carry out in this sport, the adventure being all the more motivating as we are all already 'addicted' ! "

An audience that already responds

However, the public has already responded and the structuring of the padel is mandatory to accompany practitioners. Harold confirms that "We want to develop the Padel as we did for squash: create a sports club (the Padel volcanoes) which will allow us to organize official competitions and community life, work with the tennis league to promote the activity, increase the thematic evenings (initiations, group lessons, tournaments, etc.) and organize top events. range (championships, pro tournaments, etc.) ”.

In support of their project, the HPARK did to the training organization « Padel Tennis Academy » to supervise the pedagogical training of the staff, support the educational and sporting structure of the club, and animate clinics and demonstrations with the public.

« The advice of Cédric CARITE allowed us to train in the context of a future teaching padel within the structure. Today, thanks to this work, we can also initiate all new players here. Harold confirms.

Squash: a large pool of players from padel

HPARK is a big squash club and “there are bridges between these 2 sports”. THE HPARK has gone from 6 to 8 squash courts. An indoor Rugby field has therefore replaced a new activity on padel as well as squash courts. We also have for families, a play area for the youngest while parents play padel...

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Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.