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With more than 2300 hours of teacher training since 2015, Cédric Carité has received the new “Qualiopi” quality certification for Padel Tennis Academy.

Qualiopi certification

The training offer was split into progressive modules with a first turnkey method of teaching the padel.

AFNOR audited and certified “ Padel Tennis Academy And its method.

The Qualiopi reform

Qualiopi is the result of the French state's desire to ensure that the funds allocated to vocational training will be used in quality training.

This new certification analyzes a whole more drastic process which is verified by going into all the details.

The "Method C padel »

The "Method C padel », Is organized into training modules that meet the needs:

  • Support for club projects
  • From the animation of the discovery of padel for new practitioners
  • The organization of the teaching of padel for kids
  • From the initiation of a new practitioner
  • The specialization of a competitive player
  • From the professionalization of a player to the WPT


padle tennis academyFrom left to right: Kevin TOURNEMIRE (Director of Toulouse Padel Club), Cédric CARITE (training manager Padel Tennis Academy), François BARRAIS (responsible for the future padel in Nantes, Initiator of Padel Tennis Academy), Paul PIETRI (Thoracic surgeon in Marseille, Initiator of Padel Tennis Academy).

AGEFOS, AGEFICE, Employment Center, ...,

you too, get your training funded padel by your reference collecting organization in order to support your project.

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