At the heart of padel returns this Friday with a sometimes difficult choice for left-wing players: when to favor the bandeja or vibora ? As always, we find the protagonists from Palois Paul Daulan and his coach at the academy Padel Stuff from Bilbao: Andoni Bardasco.

For those who do not yet have all the basics of padel, know that the bandeja is a shot played on high balls, which consists of impacting the ball flat and ensuring that it has a low bounce after the glass. There vibora is a somewhat similar style of shot but with more spin and less weight.

As you will see below, these two moves are generally used in different situations. To facilitate the work of the player who must negotiate this high ball, Andoni divides the field into three zones, three lanes (center, right and left). You have certainly understood, each zone has its particularities.

Want to know what move to play in each situation? Watch the video below!

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