It was the last big event of 2023 in France, and the least we can say is that it did not disappoint. Indeed, there was a spectacle throughout the weekend in Toulouse Padel Club during these French National 1 Interclub Championships! The gratin of padel French and very good Spanish players had made the trip to Occitania and we were treated to very big matches, and a few surprises. In the end, it's All In Padel Décines, a center located in the suburbs of Lyon, which won the competition for both men and women, but nothing was easy!

The Lyonnais do it again


Already titled in 2022, the Lyonnais did it again this year. With the French number 1 Benjamin Tison in their ranks, but also the triple French Champion Johan Bergeron, or the Spaniard Teo Zapata, freshly arrived from Italy where he lost in the quarter-finals of Milano Premier Padel P1, All In players Padel, who formed the 2 seed of the competition, were rather well armed.

Despite this, nothing was easy for the “men in white”, who won their first three rounds 2 points to 1 (respectively against Toulouse Padel Club, at All In Padel Sports and Padel Horizon).

In the final, it was quieter, the favorites dominating the surprising players of Padel Touch La Teste, who had eliminated the Big Padel Bordeaux (seeded 1) 2 points to 0 in the semi-final. The match for third place saw the Bordelais win 2 points to 1 against Padel horizon.

La remontada girls from All In Padel


On the women's side, we were treated to an interesting final with several players who had already worn the blue jersey and two clubs who arrived with plenty of confidence. On one side we found All In Padel, seeded 4, who had just knocked out the seeded 1, Padelshot Caen; and on the other Tennis Padel Club Palavas, which had just taken the scalp of the reigning French Champions from Stade Toulousain.

The meeting saw Palavas take the lead with a first match won 6/0 6/1. Behind, we were treated to a meeting with the flavors of the French team, with Élodie Invernon / Wendy Barsotti for Palavas, and Mélissa Martin / Alix Collombon for Lyon. Unsurprisingly, it was Martin and Collombon who won the match: 6/2 6/2.

The decisive match could not have been more interesting: Ginier-Barbier / Pothier against Dardaine / Phaysouphanh. Unfortunately, while her pair was trailing 6/4 1/0, Marie-Amélie Dardaine injured her knee and was forced to retire. A hard blow for the Palavas player, who, we hope, will quickly recover.

Trailing 1 point to 0, the All In players Padel were able to find the resources to come back and lift the cup. Stade Toulousain, inevitably disappointed at not having been able to retain its title, will be able to console itself with the bronze medal, obtained at the expense of Padelshot Caen.

This All In double puts an end to this second edition of the Nationale 1 Interclubs and to this very good season of padel in Hexagon. A year which will have seen the level rise almost everywhere as Teo Zapata explains, and the competitors will be more and more numerous. A very good omen for next year, which promises to be even richer in emotions!

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