Who will play for which team at the French Championships National 1 interclubs 2024? The answer below.

The French Tennis Federation has just revealed the lists, and as you will see, there is a high level!

Among the men, the battle promises to be more than tough, with clubs who have bet on heavyweight. We think in particular of Palavas with Ayats, Andornino, Mercadal and Rivera, at All In Padel Sports which records the arrivals of Pablo Lijo and Antonio Luque, or even in Casa Padel, who continues with Mario Huete and Miguel Semmler and recovers Teo Zapata and Thomas Leygue!

The 2023 All In Lyon Champions lose Benjamin Tison, Johan Bergeron and therefore Teo Zapata. The Lyonnais will therefore have a lot of difficulty in retaining their title…

Among the girls, we also find Palavas in the group of favorites, with the presence of Aranzazu Osoro and Andrea Ustero who come to compose an already solid group for the French level, with Camille Sireix, Wendy Barsotti, Élodie Invernon and Tiffany Phaysouphanh…

All In Lyon, which still has a great team with Alix Collombon, Jessica Ginier, Carla Touly and Mélissa Martin, will have to fight hard to keep its title.

You have understood, it looks very hot on the Padel Horizon this weekend, and the very good news is that you will be able to follow the matches on Padel MagTV!

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