This is going to be the big meeting of the day in these Interclubs N1 2024 : Home Padel (8) will be opposed to the All In Padel Sports (9)

As a reminder, Home Padel (Île-de-France league) arrives with a big armada: Miguel Semmler, Teo Zapata, Thomas Leygue, Mario Huete, Cyril Hanouna, Javier Clar, Derek Gerson et Laurent Montoisy. The total weight of the team is 195.

Facing them, the All In Padel Sports arrives with a lot of ambitions in these Interclubs. The Bouc-Bel-Air club (PACA league) counts in its ranks: Pablo Lijo, Antonio Luque, Jerome Ferrandez, justin lopes, Remy Gourre, Nicolas Molinero, Pierre Valsot et Florian Valsot. Total team weight: 255.

You will have understood, on paper, the two teams are neck and neck. And you what do you think ? Which team will qualify for the quarter-finals this Saturday?

The meeting between Casa Padel and the All In Padel Sports will be followed, in full and live on the Central TrackOn Padel MagTV :

Gwenaelle Souyri

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