What a matchArthur Hugounenq and Pierre-Vincent au P1000 PadelShot Saint-Etienne, facing seeded 1, François Authier et Norman Sanchez. In this meeting that you were able to follow live on Padel MagTV, the 2nd seed, Hugounenq/Vincent, won 7 / 5 7 / 5 in almost two hours.

Twice, Arthur Hugounenq and Pierre Vincent were broken in this meeting, running regularly to score, both in the first and in the second set. Besides, when we see the stats of this match, there was 35 break points (20 for Vincent/Hugounenq, 15 for Sanchez/Authier).

In both sets of this match, Norman Sanchez and François Authier were the first to break. However, Arthur Hugounenq and Pierre Vincent found, twice, the strength necessary to pick up the score, notably at 5/4 in the second set, while the Sanchez/Authier pair had several opportunities to return to a set everywhere.

Each time they came back to score, Pierre Vincent and Arthur Hugounenq managed to break afterwards, which allowed them to pocket the first set, then to win the match on a final break.

P1000 PadelShot Statistics Final
Gwenaelle Souyri

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