That's itpadel.Fr, internship specialist padel across Spain is pleased to offer readers Padel Magazine, a new grid to evaluate yourself padel.

We know that the accessibility of padel is an integral part of its success, but it also makes self-evaluation difficult... Everyone quickly finds themselves rather good... And who has never heard of players who "ruin" games by overestimating themselves? A scourge in all Facebook and WhatsApp groups, which unfortunately leads some to only play with their acquaintances so as to no longer have unpleasant surprises...

Why redo a level grid at padel version 2024?

With the large number of players arriving in the padel, the level increases significantly, and today, maintaining your national ranking... it is a sign of progress and not stagnation!

If the technical stages are almost all the same according to the existing grids in the clubs and do not really change, the number of players in each level level increases! In this downloadable grid, these steps have been detailed in detail with French and Spanish coaches. Reading it is even synonymous with numerous tips for those who would like to move on to higher levels…

Three ways to evaluate yourself with this level grid

  1. As always, you can look at the technical steps to have in your game to be able to qualify for games at the level considered. Be careful, a good level 5 player must have all the characteristics of level 5 and not just a few...
  1. Do you compete? So if you have 12 or more tournaments, check it out ranking minimum to achieve per level. It takes into account the tennis assimilations which now account for a large part of the ranking!
    This method has the merit of telling you whether you are in the low or high level of your level. And it is advantageous for big players because their 12 best performances are taken into consideration!
  1. Do you only compete a little? So no worries! This is new, but we have told you the minimum number of points that a player at a given level must obtain in a tournament.
    Ex: you have 3 tournaments and 200 points? So you have on average more than 65 points per tournament > the grid tells you that you are level 6.

This grid is probably not perfect or exhaustive, we designed it to easily allow everyone to self-assess. With more than 800 students working with 40 coaches (including 10 working on the Premier Padel), the evaluation of players before and after training is an integral part of the profession. Because everyone leaves with one idea in mind: to progress! That is to say, move up a level in the grid, win a P100, a P250, a P500…

“For this, the coach, the player and we who make the link must know what that means!”, explains Thibault, director of Topadel, “and especially since we released an English and Dutch version of our site at the end of 2023, to provide the benefit of our network to all European and Middle Eastern players. Some countries do not have this type of grid, do not have the same tournament classifications, and customers now also come to us from Morocco, Romania, Austria…”