It's go again ! As you suspected after the presentation of the Nox 2024 models, Miguel Lamperti will continue one more year with the Spanish brand.

The native of Bahia Blanca, who gives his name to numerous references in the Nox catalog, will therefore be well equipped with his superb ML10 Pro Cup Luxury 2024 this season.


This beautiful story, which has now lasted 16 years, will not end this year, and it may never even end if we are to believe the words of Jesus Ballvé, CEO of the brand: “Miguel is and always will be one of NOX's key players. He is one of the few players who has remained loyal to the same brand for almost his entire professional career, which also gave his name to one of the rackets of padel the most emblematic of our sport. We will continue to support him to the end and, in the future, we hope to have him as a brand ambassador to continue strengthening projects such as the Nox Future Academy"

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