Ilford will soon be able to boast the largest center in padel indoor in London. Rocket Padel, a center with 11 courts, is preparing to open its doors to the public next month, on Sunday April 8 precisely.

Fredrik Kristensson, Managing Director and Co-founder, expressed his joy by declaring: "The padel is experiencing phenomenal growth, and we can't wait to open our doors. We are excited to build a strong and sustainable foundation for the growth of the sport, particularly in Ilford and the UK.”

He pursues : “The beauty of padel lies in its accessibility: it is easy to learn and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. With high quality courts, LTA trained coaches, and a premium service that is not overpriced, Rocket Padel will open up a new activity to a whole new country of players.”

Construction work on the club, located in The Drive, Ilford, began earlier this year. When completed, it will have nine panoramic tracks as well as two single courts with up to 11,5 meters of ceiling height!

Additionally, the facility will include a warm-up area, pro shop, bistro bar, spectator areas and meeting rooms. In total, up to 20 full-time and part-time jobs will be created!

Ilford club will be Rocket's second UK hub Padel after Bristol. A third club is set to open soon in a riverside location in central London.

Club director Oskar Wynne said: “Our mission is to make padel accessible to all and to bring people together, regardless of their age or level. The beauty of padel is that it's such a fun game and one where you can progress quickly. We look forward to meeting the people of Ilford.”

Rocket Padel, originally from Sweden, has established itself as one of the leading operators of padel in Europe, merging sport and lifestyle seamlessly.

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