It was one of the matches not to be missed this Wednesday: the face-to-face reunion of Alex Ruiz and Juan Tello, and the reunion on the same side of the track of Captain America and Momo Gonzalez.

And after a very hot first set, which saw them quickly fall behind in the tie-break, Momo and Alex were able to reverse a poorly started situation to win the first set.

Behind, Tello and Semmler, who were associated following the combined absences of Belasteguin and Vilariño, were never really able to worry the favorites again. Final score 7/6 6/3 for Gonzalez and Ruiz who, like their compatriots Lebron and Paquito a little earlier, celebrate their reunion with a victory.

Tomorrow, the Andalusians will face another reformed pair, Belluati / Lamperti, who dominated in two sets (6/4 6/4) the surprise of the start of the season Oria / Sager.

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