Absent in Malmö, Léa Godallier will play her last tournament on the World Padel Tour with Martina Fassio. In fact, the player of Tahitian origin registered for the Mexico Open with the native of Pamplona.

After finishing his stage with Eli Amatriain, who retired after the Menorca Open, Léa Godallier was looking for a partner to end the year with. And she found it in the person of Martina Fassio.

It's a radical change in style for the Frenchwoman who goes from the experience of Amatriain, 39 years old, to the passion of Fassio, 19 years old.

The two players having started their careers on the right, before moving to the left, we now wonder who will play on which side in Mexico. Response in the coming days!

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