Focus on Cassandra Senjean and Manon Marcarie, the Big players Padel, which are now part of the French Top 30.

Review of 2023

Cassandra Senjean: “I was a psychologist, I stopped my initial profession last year to enter the academy of Jean-Thomas Peyrou, at Big Padel Mérignac and devote myself 100% to padel. We started intensive training in January 2023 where we train three times a week. We also started training for the TFP to be a monitor of padel, which means we have a pretty busy schedule until June.

We continue at this pace and we hope to be able to give a big boost from June to go to international tournaments. We only have one year of experience in French tournaments and we see that we are getting our bearings, we are starting to play against very good players and trying to grab games, even sets. We aim with Manon to also be able to play FIP, from June.”

Manon Marcarie: “We had a bit of a complicated start, we were a bit too hasty perhaps but we gained a little more patience. The training takes us a lot of time but we don't give up, we stay motivated and manage to find time to train well. Our time will come or not, but in any case, we try to work to be able to be good together on the track and then do great things. Currently we are ranked numbers 25 and 27 in France.”

Manon Marcarie and Cassandra Senjean

The 2024 objectives

Cassandra Senjean: “Purely speaking about rankings, we had a top 20 goal at the start of the summer. Afterwards, we have an objective above all of the level of play on the track: we want to seek out matches, to tickle the best and ultimately to win. The ranking will come later: our objective this year is above all to do FIP too.”

Manon Marcarie: “Since January 2023 we have done a lot of tournaments. We went all over France, we moved around a lot precisely to have as much experience as possible given that we were young players on the French circuit. We knew that facing very big pairs who have been there for several years now we had to go through all the roads, through lots of defeats, and ultimately that also allowed us to arrive fairly quickly at our ranking and to do well. progress. Now we will continue our momentum, on the P1500, the P2000, etc. There are quite a few tournaments. If we can get into the Top 15 before at least the end of next year that would be good, but above all we aim to improve our level of play.”

Dorian Massy

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