We get to the heart of the matter on the Milan side with the start of the quarter-finals this Friday morning at 09:30 a.m.

Who says quarter-finals, says that almost all the best players in the world are there. We are therefore expecting great encounters and lots of show. Among the girls, two matches seem very undecided: Brea / Gonzalez vs Virseda / Jensen and Castello / Osoro against the sensation Goenaga / Martinez.

On the male side, the big names should not normally be too worried. Chingotto and Paquito, who want to finish in style, will still have to be wary of Ruiz / Tello. Stupa / Di Nenno and Lebron / Galan face pairs that we did not expect at this level. For their part, Coello and Tapia, after dismissing Sanz / Nieto without too much difficulty, will have to deal with Garrido and Gonzalez.

The program of the day:

To follow the matches, it's HERE !

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