Padel Magazine - Frédéric Bertucat had already offered us in the first part an article on how to choose your paddle racket. Here, he reviews the design of a racket, the materials used and its weight. The most perfectionist will be able to choose an paddle paddle with full knowledge of the facts.



Called "GOMA", they are foams of different densities of which the most used are:
- EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) and FOAM (Polyethylene Foam)

EVA is a micro-cellular foam. Used for its ability to quickly return to its initial state after impact, its light weight and its unyielding structure at high temperatures.

FOAM, a softer foam than EVA, is mainly used for its comfort and for snowshoes using soft fibers on the racquet head surface.

Which foam to choose?

Players looking for POWER will prefer a SOFT MOUSSE for its very large deformation and conversely players looking for PRECISION, opt for a foam more hard for its low deformation.

It is a bit like the string of the tennis racket: Low voltage = POWER and High voltage = ACCURACY.

Attention, the foam is not the only motor of the racket, it is important that it is accompanied by the adequate fiber according to the type of game sought.
=> Soft foam + Flexible and reactive fibers = POWER
=> Hard foam + Rigid fibers = PRECISION


  • There is not a standard weight for snowshoes otherwise, the right weight for each player taking into account his physical condition and his type of game.
  • Light snowshoes (smaller than 370grs) are easier to move / handle and reflex, much faster especially when running a net.
  • Heavier rackets (greater than 375grs) are the most difficult to move / handle (and greater arm fatigue) but are the ones that provide the most power at the moment of ball striking.

Weight> 375grs = POWER but harder to control the ball and arm fatigue

Weight Between 370-375grs = POWER-CONTROL Compromise

Weight <370grs = HANDLING but less power

BALANCED (weight distribution)

A balanced racket rather towards the neck will bring more maneuverability (easier to execute the shots) but the power will be less.

The weight instead of racquet head, will gain power, but if the level of play is very intense, the arm will tire more of where the risk of "tennis elbow".


- It is advisable for women to play with rackets weighing between 340 and 370 grams.

- For men enters, 375 and 390 grams.

- Children of 5-10 years will be comfortable playing with rackets between 280 and 340 grams.


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