As we told you yesterday, Momo Gonzalez has decided to change sides and to play on the right alongside Javi Garrido.

Sanyo's ex-partner explained that he was a defensive style player and felt it was time for him to try and move to the right. A bit like Paquito Navarro before him, the Andalusian knows that if he doesn't try, he will always be left with a feeling of unfinished business.

As often, we asked you about Instagram what you thought of this side switch, and the results are mixed. Indeed, if a majority of you believe in the potential of the native of Antequera on the right, 39% of you still think that it is not a good idea!

Perhaps Paquito's experience, not really convincing in the end, is still in the minds of the fans...

We will see in Madrid in a few days if the new Gonzalez/Garrido pair works on the pitch!

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