Last Wednesday, theUNION Sport & Cycle organized the first edition of theObservatory of padel when Sports Fair. This initiative highlighted current trends in this growing discipline in France.

Study Overview: Understanding Current Trends

The presented study, based on almost 10 player responses, revealed important aspects of the growth of padel In France. It indicates that 500 French people have tried the padel at least once during the year, with a notable increase in new players (90% practicing for less than 5 years).

Key factors in the development of padel

The rapid development of padel is explained by the easy access to infrastructure and the fun and friendly aspect of the sport. In France, there are 1800 playing fields padel, available in clubs, private structures, as well as hotels and campsites.

UNION Sport & Cycle

Player Preferences and Habits

The players of padel favor indoor areas and look for friendly places to practice. Around 33% of players practice in several different locations. Conviviality takes priority over competition, with 70% of players playing with friends and only 3% of non-licensees participating in tournaments.

Le padel and national sports trends

These results reflect the evolution of sporting practices in France, where the diversity of physical activities and well-being are essential.

The market for articles of padel

The equipment market padel is developing at the same time, with an increase in dedicated sections in sports stores. The racket is the flagship product, with emphasis placed on its technical characteristics.

Round table: perspectives on padel

During this presentation, a round table entitled “Crossed perspectives on the market of padel and its development in France” brought together experts from the sector:

  • Alain Solves, Deputy National Technical Director of the French Tennis Federation
  • David Gire, Padel Business Development Manager at Babolat
  • Guillaume Debelmas, Co-founder of 4 Padel
  • Thibaut Brossard, Sports equipment advisor at the National Sports Agency
  • Jacques Bonnant, Managing Director at EPS Concept

Guillaume Debelmas commented: “From now on, we no longer ask ourselves the question of the relevance of padel, we rather wonder how to develop. » Alain Solves of the FFT added: “The French Tennis Federation shows the desire to gradually structure itself in the padel. We need to coordinate the right number of areas with the right number of supervisors. »

We will return to the results of this round table shortly.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.