After only two tournaments played together, Fede Chingotto and Momo Gonzalez put an end to their collaboration. The Argentinian has just announced it on his Instagram account.

At first glance, this decision seems surprising since Fede told us two days ago that he likes projects that last and wants to go for the long term with Momo. But it seems that something precipitated things: the separation of Lebron and Galan.

While they seemed at the top of their form, with a victory in P1 in Riyadh, Jorge Martinez's players experienced a big disappointment with the elimination in the round of 1 against Javi Garrido and Miguel Yanguas. Annoyed by his opponents, Juan Lebron ended up losing his nerve in the third round and the number XNUMXs were never able to regain their break behind. After the meeting, Galan seemed particularly exasperated and disappointed. Enough to motivate him to leave the one with whom he won everything?

Obviously yes, and in view of recent events, we strongly believe that it is on the “Super Raton” that the Madrilenian has set his sights. This would explain why the Argentinian decided to part ways with Momo, even if it seemed obvious after two tournaments that the Spanish-Andalusian pair were never going to be able to play the leading roles on the Premier Padel... With a player of Galan's caliber, Chingotto can really raise his ambitions.

For the moment nothing official in any case, so we will have to wait a little longer before knowing more. And if everything suggests that Fede and Ale will team up, we wonder if it will be the same for Momo and Juan!

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