Big day for this first Open P1000 at MAM'Soccer 5 Padel.

In the first quarter-final of the P1000 of MAM'Soccer 5 Padel, Rémy Gourre / Norman Sanchez, seeded number 3, faced Timéo Fonteny / Thierry Malacamp, seeded number 7.

Fonteny and Malacamp won the first set in the tie-break with a score of 7/6, showing strong mental resilience. However, Gourre/Sanchez fought back and won the second set 6/1, supported by Sanchez's consistent performance on the court.

The third set proved tense, with both teams fighting for every point. Despite the efforts of Fonteny / Malacamp, Gourre / Sanchez managed to force a second tie-break.

After saving two match points for Timéo and Thierry, the 3rd was the right one for Gourre / Sanchez who finally sealed the victory with a score of 6/7 6/1 7/6.

In the second quarter-final of the P1000 of MAM'Soccer 5 Padel, Nicolas Molinero and Alexandre Toppin, seeded number 4, faced Valentin Durand and Thomas Seux, seeded number 5.

The match was decided decisively at the end of the first set, where Durand / Seux had three balls to come back to 6-6, but ultimately lost 7/5.

In the second set, they quickly fell behind 4/1. Despite their efforts to get back to 4/4, they ended up collapsing and losing the set 6/4.

Toppin's strong arm and Molinero's strong defense were the deciding factors against the No. 5 seed.

The final score: 7/5 6/4.

Results of other quarters (not filmed):

Victory for Rouanet / Cancel over Reynaud / Roulleau 6/4 2/6 6/2

Victory for Hugounenq / Delvienne over Hayet / Ferrara 6/1 4/6 6/4

Semi-finals meeting on Padel Magazine TV:

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