There will not have been other surprises at P1000 SisID PadelShot Lyon with a fully respected hierarchy during the semi-finals.

In the first semi-final, which you were able to follow live on Padel Mag TV, we found the confrontation of the pairs Thevenot/Tison et Moreau/Bergeron. Despite a good start first set from outsiders, Max Moreau and Johan Bergeron make the break to lead 4/2. Behind, despite a lot of combativeness on the part of Ben Tison, things went much too quickly on the track.

He will not have didn't take more than an hour for the 1st seed to dismiss his opponents. Victory 6 / 3 6 / 1 for the favorites who therefore reach the final.

In the other half, Benjamin Grué and Maxime Forcin were not more conciliatory with their adversaries. In a express match, they will not have left absolutely no chance to the surprise pair of the last square, Nicolas Molinero and Romain Sichez.

Victory in two sets also for the number 2 seed, 6 / 1 6 / 3. So they head to the final to meet Johan Bergeron and Maxime Moreau!

The final is to be continued in full and live on Padel MagTV, from 14 h :

Gwenaelle Souyri

It was his brother who one day told him to accompany him on a track. padel, since then, Gwenaëlle has never left the court. Except when it comes to going to watch the broadcast of Padel Magazine, World Padel Tour… or Premier Padel…or the French Championships. In short, she is a fan of this sport.