Paquito Navarro is about to start his new adventure as a right player. Indeed, the Andalusian plays this week in egypt his very first tournament alongside Juan Tello. And in an interview for the Argentinian magazine Olé, he came back, with the frankness that characterizes him, on this big change that he decided to make.

As we told you in a previous article, it was Martín Di Nenno who was behind the separation of the Navarro/Di Nenno pair. And when Paquito knew he wouldn't continue with the Argentine, he immediately thought of a player: “When Martín announced to me that he was going to play with Coki Nieto, Tello was my first option. (…) He was very brave to accept: it shows that he too wants to take the risk of all or nothing .”

Indeed, for Tello too, it is a big upheaval. He goes from the Chingotto metronome to a player who is certainly capable of being much more dangerous, but who has to get used to a new side and who will certainly be less reliable. The Andalusian knows it, the success of the pair will depend a lot on him: “I know that Juan also needed a change of scenery. (…) If I adapt well to the right side, I think we will be a very competitive pair.”

But if that doesn't work, don't count on Paquito complaining: “At the moment we are only committed until the end of the year, the rest will depend on what happens on the track. If the results are good, as we hope, I think we can do an interesting project, but if I'm catastrophic on the right, I'll go back to the left. I have no problem with that.”

First test at NewGiza Premier Padel P1 for this pair which will be coached by Martín Echegaray.

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