After losing the first set to Ivan Ramirez and Pablo Cardona, Paquito Navarro and Juan Tello decided to switch positions on the track, and everything changed!

From 6/7 to 6/0!

Led one set to zero by one of the pairs that impress at the start of the season, Paquito and Tello decided to make a radical change. And we can say that it paid off, since with the Andalusian on the left and the Argentine on the right, the seeded 3 of the tournament inflicted a 6/0 on the young Cardona and Ramirez in the second set. !

Behind, Paquito and Juan continued their march forward and finished the job: 6/7 6/0 6/3!

What configuration in eighth? And after ?

Today, Rodri Ovide's players are up against Maxi Sanchez/Lucas Campagnolo, a new pair that promises to never let up on the track. If Paquito and Tello want to avoid a new premature elimination, they are going to have to release a big game this Thursday from 13:30 p.m.. And we obviously wonder who will start on the left…

Contacted by our colleagues from Marca after the match, the Sevillian admitted to being “to date more comfortable on the left”, and it must be said that this is rather logical for the one who until now had always evolved on this side of the track. He also told us at the end of last season that he "felt he had a lot of work on the right“. And everything is not settled yet since as he said again yesterday: “if he had to play a life and death match today, he would prefer to start it on the left with “El Gato” on the right.

Despite this, the Andalusian calls for no hasty decision, and goes on to say: "I believe the best for the team in the future is that I keep trying on the right." Indeed, even if Juan Tello was very comfortable on the right yesterday, a bit in a Juan Lebron style, he has a strike force that seems much more interesting on the left.

We can therefore expect to find the Argentinian on the left this Thursday and Paquito on the right, at least to start the meeting. And the Andalusian will perhaps be much more comfortable in the diagonal of the former left player Campagnolo than was the case yesterday in that of the very powerful left-hander Cardona. And if this is not the case, Ovide players will be able to try to change the configuration again!

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