As we told you a while ago, the draft of the Pro Padel League, the American professional league, took place Tuesday evening in the United States. Let's find out the players who were chosen!

The 2024 PPL Draft consisted of three rounds, including a special first round only for the three newly created teams. As a reminder, this season, the maximum number of teams increased to twelve players compared to ten in 2023 and the number of international players was increased to eight per team. As PPL teams were only required to select a minimum of two players in the Draft, 2024 expansion teams New York and Orlando opted to forfeit their final pick in the second round. A total of 11 women and 10 men were selected during the PPL Draft.

“The 2024 PPL Draft was another milestone in the league’s history and we are excited to welcome the next generation of talent to the PPL.”, said Marcos del Pilar, commissioner of the PPL. “Not only did the teams select some of the best players in padel of the world, including champions and former world No. 1, but they have also ensured the succession of future world champions of padel to compete in the 2024 season.”

In total, more than 300 players from padel 20 countries from around the world were registered for the 2024 Draft of the PPL. In the end, fourteen Spaniards were chosen, as well as three Argentinians, an American, a British, an Italian and a Portuguese.

This year's top pick in the expansion round was youngster Claudia Fernandez Sanchez selected by the Houston Volts. Next, the Flowrida Goats selected Victor Ruiz Remedios, the highest ranked male player in this draft while the New York Atlantics have set their sights on the youngest player selected during the evening, Andrea Ustero.

The highlights of this draft:

  • The Portuguese Sofia Araujo, the world number 8 among women, was the highest ranked player in this draft. She was selected by the San Diego Stingrays in the first round.
  • Louie Harris of Great Britain, LTA men's number 1 in December 2023, was also selected by the San Diego Stingrays.
  • The Las Vegas Smash (2023 PPL champions) have chosen Ignacio Vilariño and the A1 player Padel Gonzalo Alfonso.
  • PPL 2023 finalists Cancun Waves choose veteran and former world number 1 Carolina Navarro.
  • The new Houston Volts franchise has relied on a trio of young Spaniards: Marta Caparros, Claudia Fernandez and Fran Guerrero.
  • The Los Angeles Beat bet on the only Italian in this draft, Carolina orsi, as well as on the twirling Jon Sanz. Two left-handers are arriving in LA!

The results of the draft:

As a reminder, the ten PPL teams will meet in April!

The calendar :

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