Let's go to the round of 16 in Doha with some very good matches in store, including a Lebron / Galan vs Garrido / Yanguas which promises to be spectacular!

It's a gala day that we should attend this Tuesday in Qatar as there are so many big posters.

We will particularly follow the rematch between Navarro / Gutiérrez and Esbri / Alonso, the young Arroyo and Alonso who will try to knock out the 7th seed Ruiz / Tello, who lacks confidence, but also Bela and Capra, who will try to go look for a first quarter-final against the tough Pablo Cardona and Javi Ruiz. We also expect a big fight between pairs 8 (Bergamini / Ruiz) and 9 (Nieto / Sanz), and of course this 100% Spanish shock mentioned in the introduction: Lebron / Galan vs Garrido / Yanguas. Disappointing against Stupa / Di Nenno in Riyadh, can the Andalusians Miguel and Javi cast doubt on the ranking numbers?

Among the girls, we will follow another rematch, that between Castello / Jensen and Castello / Sirvent, but also the match of the new pairs: Triay / Fernandez vs Rufo / Martinez. Ortega and Virseda will also have a very hot match to play against Talavan and Rodriguez. Finally, whatever happens, there will be a pair of outsiders in the quarters, since Sharifova and Carnicero, who fell yesterday to seed 6 Araujo / Riera, face today the pair 14, Orsi / Lobo.

In short, you understand, it's a very big day of padel which will start this Tuesday at 13:30 p.m.!

The program :

To follow the matches:

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