As the players prepare to make their comeback to competition, we already know who is registered for the Premier Padel Riyadh P1, first premier tournament of 2024.

This will be an opportunity to see several new pairs in action, such as Chingotto / Gonzalez, Bela / Capra, Garrido / Yanguas or to appreciate the return of Paquito and Sanyo. Furthermore, we will already follow the announced fight for first place between the three duos who seem to have a head start on the competition, Lebron / Galan, Coello / Tapia and Di Nenno / Stupaczuk.

Among the men, there are six French people in qualifications: Thomas Leygue, who still teams up with the Spaniard Ferran Insa, but also Manu Vives and Jérémy Scatena, Jerome Inzerillo and the Spaniard Sanchis, as well as Max Moreau and Johan Bergeron.

As you will see below, Dylan Guichard and Bastien Blanqué are on the waiting list.

Among the girls, there will also be some new associations to follow. We are of course thinking of Tamara Icardo and Alejandra Salazar, who made a strong impression at the Hexagon Cup and who will want to make an impression from the start. For her part, the Portuguese Sofia Araujo will reunite with her former partner Virginia Riera. Finally, as previously announced, Gemma Triay and Martita Ortega could play their last tournament together in Saudi Arabia.

On the tricolor side, we will carefully follow the route ofAlix Collombon and the Swede Amanda Girdo, who is acting alongside the Frenchwoman while awaiting the return of Julieta Bidahorria.

Note that Alix is ​​the only representative of France among the ladies.

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