The information has not yet been confirmed by the main interested parties, but according to our colleagues at Relief, Marti Ortega and Gemma Triaya have reportedly decided to separate!

The two women who represented the Rafa Nadal Academy at the Hexagon Cup last week – and were eliminated in the first round – would seem to have difficulty getting along, and would already prefer to move on.

Triay Ortega Rafa Nadal Hexagon Cup 2024

Registered together for the resumption tournament – ​​the Premier Padel P1 from Riyadh – those who will form the 3 seed in Saudi Arabia should play their last tournament together there. Still according to our colleagues at Relevo, Gemma would have set her sights on Claudia Fernandez, with whom she would start at the Qatar Major. The 17-year-old, at her best at the Madrid Arena this weekend, would have caught the eye of the Menorca native.

If the Relevo journalists seem confident, this news has the effect of a bomb on the women's circuit. Indeed, if it is confirmed, we could see big changes from the second tournament of the year... Unless Martita wants to join forces with Lorena Rufo, who like her is equipped by Adidas? To be continued!

In any case, a separation after only one tournament necessarily raises questions. Enough to relaunch the debate on the regulations for changes between partners…

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