Defeated as soon as they entered the fray in Riyadh, Paquito Navarro and Sanyo Gutiérrez met again this Monday in Doha for their second official match together.

Those who form the 4 seed for the first Major of 2024 arrived with a little pressure today. Indeed, the two men who had clearly disappointed in Saudi Arabia badly needed a victory to regain confidence.

And as former world numbers 1, Paquito and Sanyo gave the public the reaction they expected: a 6/2 6/2 victory in just 52 minutes against qualifiers Iriart and Cordoba which allowed Ramiro Choya's men to qualify. for the eighths.

Tomorrow, it is against the winners of the match between Juanlu Esbri and Javi Rico, their tormentors from Riyadh, and Javi Garcia and Javi Barahona that Gutiérrez and Navarro will try to secure a first quarter in 2024. We imagine that as real competitors that they are, they would be very happy to be able to have a revenge against Esbri / Rico!

To follow the end of the matches this Monday, it's just below:

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