The surprises keep coming Premier Padel Riyadh P1 ! After Paquito Navarro and Sanyo Gutiérrez (TS4), it is Fernando Belasteguin and Lucho Capra (TS6) who are packing their bags.

The naturalized Italian Argentines were stronger than the Argentines who wore the Albiceleste jersey this Tuesday. However, for their very first official match together, Bela and Capra started well with a first set won by experience.

Fernando Belasteguin, despite a large splint around his bruised arm, did not hesitate to send powerful smashes and the 6 seed seemed well on his way to victory.

But at the start of the second round, the machine stalled. The favorites started to make a lot of mistakes, and their opponents, always on the lookout, took advantage of this to gain confidence. A big fight ensued on the track, and it was ultimately the most physical and precise pair that managed to make the difference when necessary.

With almost half as many unprovoked faults as their opponents, Dominguez and Patiniotis, who had difficulty holding back their tears at the end of the meeting, offered themselves a real prestigious victory. They will play again tomorrow against Edu Alonso and Alex Arroyo, who disposed, also in three sets, of Muñoz / Bautista (4/6 7/6 6/2).

For their part, the 100% Wilson pair will have to heal their ailments and return to work very quickly to avoid further disillusionment in a week in Qatar...

To follow the rest of the matches in Saudi Arabia:

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