Finally ! After more than two months of break, we will be able to see the biggest stars of the padel at work in an official tournament.

Indeed, it is this Tuesday that the gratin of padel world makes its grand return to the Premier Padel Riyadh P1. We will follow in particular Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia, who start against Pablo Cardona and Javi Ruiz, a pair who always seem tougher. Indeed, after showing extraordinary resilience during the UPT in La Coruña, the Spaniards, still undefeated in 2024, won another huge fight yesterday (6/3 6/7 7/6 against the Meléndez brothers). Not the simplest draw for the return to competition of the 2nd seed.

Another match particularly attracts our attention among the men: the 2.0 version of Paquito and Sanyo begins against Javi Rico and Juanlu Esbri, who after being disappointing in Galicia, yesterday extinguished the “surprise pair of previas”, Garcia / Huete.

We generally find interesting matches everywhere: Zapata / Goenaga vs Gil Moyano, Nieto / Sanz vs Lamperti / Jimenez, Yanguas / Garrido vs Barahona / Garcia…

Among the girls, we will particularly follow the great debut of the Las Heras / Iglesias pair. Returning from a serious knee injury, will Barbara already be 100% this Tuesday?

Heavy things ahead, as the program below proves:

To follow the matches live, go to the links below

Central track

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

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