These are atypical quarter-finals which will be played this Thursday in Riyadh since in total, six seeded players (men and women combined) have already taken the door in this resumption tournament.

Particular external conditions, players who are perhaps not yet at the top of their form and we end up with a lot of surprises. If the big names hold their place, behind that things are stuck among the gentlemen.

Indeed, the men's quarter-finals will be played without pairs 4 (Paquito / Sanyo), 5 (Chingotto / Gonzalez), 6 (Bela / Capra), 7 (Tello / A.Ruiz) and 8 (Bergamini / V.Ruiz ) ! In particular, we will be entitled to an Esbri / Rico vs Oria / Sager (Q) which is completely impossible to predict at the start of the tournament. The most attractive match on paper is certainly that between Stupa and Di Nenno (3) and Yanguas and Garrido (10), who made strong impression yesterday against their former teammates.

For the girls, we are witnessing a very different competition since the first seven pairs will be in the quarterfinals today. Among the top seeds, only the new pair Iglesias / Las Heras is missing. The Sevillian and her partner who is returning from a serious injury were totally dominated by the veteran Carolina Navarro and the powerful left-hander Marina Guinart yesterday.

The meeting between the future exes Martita and Gemma and the reconstituted pair Jensen / Castello promises to be particularly enticing, as does the one between ex-partners: Araujo / Riera vs Salazar / Icardo!

The program of the day:

Unfortunately for French fans, today's matches will not be visible live from France, Canal Plus starting its season next Tuesday and the YouTube channel of Premier Padel being stuck in France.

For others, go to Red Bull TV !

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