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QUALISPORT is THE qualification you need to have for entrepreneurs who are embarking on the adventure of padel and who offer quality products.

The qualification

Qualification is a voluntary and demanding process that is also rewarding for a company. It makes it possible to attest to the competence and professionalism of a company to provide a specific service. The award of qualifications is based on compliance with administrative, legal, financial, material and technical requirements defined by an independent and impartial Qualification Body.

A Qualification Certificate lists all the qualifications obtained by a company and the identity elements of the latter, thus attesting that it is able to perform services.


Since 1976, the QUALISPORT association's main mission is to grant so-called “qualification” titles to sport & leisure companies who so desire, and after annual examination of their file. Companies that have met the award requirements and thus qualified are recognized for their know-how and professionalism. They can then highlight it in the context of public or even private commission services. Since 2021, the qualification process is no longer annual but biennial (2-year cycle).

The association is supported by the Ministry of Sports.

Find the complete nomenclature of 136 qualifications divided into 9 areas of activity ranging from swimming pools (public, private) to sports buildings (dojos, gymnasiums, stands, etc.), including outdoor areas (tennis, athletics tracks, play areas , skateparks ...) on our website www.qualisport.fr


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