There is a good chance that the padel will resume in France this week. A much awaited recovery. Sven Boele offers us some videos that talk about this return to the slopes.

We all really want to go back to the slopes and replay a good padel match “like before”. And that's the concern. We want to replay as before.

With humor and super-excited by the recovery, Sven warms up from his car, on the way to the club.

Onstweg naar de wedstrijd! Met Sascha Twigt Paul van Iterson #vamos #chipiona #VollerenUitEenRijdendeAuto #nexxopadel #baselinePadel

Published by Sven Boele on Saturday May 26, 2018

So be careful, do not try to do the same thing, perhaps it is better to wait until you enter the track for the warm-up.

The following videos are as funny as they are interesting. What we think we will do in the first game, and what we actually do.

  • Defense first

- DEFENDING AFTER LOCKDOWN -Expectations VS reality

Published by Other level South Jeudi 14 mai 2020

  • Then defend a smash

Don't look at the ball! Sven Boele German Schafer-Todopádel ASICS- # padel

Published by Other level on Monday 25 May 2020

  • Finally the sprint towards a short ball

Sprinting after lockdown

Who should do a warm up? Tag your friendSven Boele Todopádel ASICS Bel-Air Tennis & Padel- # Padel

Published by Other level on Sunday May 17, 2020

Julien Bondia

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