Roque Roasio is the president ofInternational Padel Senior Tour (ISPT), and he is convinced that seniors are a very important growth vector for padel.

Seniors are the present

"I believe that the padel market is very large, we who experienced the great years of padel in Argentina, in the 90s, this is how we see it: the veterans are a very interesting age group for the padel market. since this public there, in addition to renting padel tracks in clubs, buys all the products that the padel market can offer.

Obviously, young people are the future of padel and especially professional padel, but seniors are the present, and I think they must have the place they deserve. "

Seniors and professionals

“The goal of ISPT is to make seniors feel treated like professionals in our tournaments, we still have things to improve before that happens but we will get there.

We have to offer them services: fruits, drinks, an exclusive VIP area, physiotherapy, transfers from their hotel so that they arrive directly at the club and that they are received like stars… of course, this has a cost, but ISPT is in its early stages and I know we will be able to provide all of these services shortly."

The greatest purchasing power

We quite agree with what Roque said. Seniors are the age group with the greatest purchasing power, and they are generally willing to pay more for superior service. They can also, in addition to initiating friends or colleagues to padel, offer padel lessons to their children.

Seeing padel as a fun and festive activity, they are generally the first to have a drink or a bite to eat with friends after their game and therefore run the clubhouses. Veteran tournaments always take place in the right atmosphere because ce audience is not only focused on results and competition.

As Roque Roasio says, seniors deserve to have more competitions intended for them. When will the French championships +35, +40, +45, +50 etc., like in tennis?

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