Alejandra Salazar and Gemma Triay win the World Padel Tour Chile Open 2023.

At an altitude of more than 800 meters and in the Chilean heat, Claudia Jensen and Jessica Castelló did not manage to enter this final and gave up.

High Speed ​​Triay/Salazar

The final starts at 200 an hour with a punto de oro and an entry break in favor of Triay / Salazar. Behind, Castello / Jensen achieves a break. But the Spanish pair managed to take advantage of a few faults from Claudia Jensen and Jessica Castello.

We know that Jessica Castello can have a complicated start to the match and that is the case in this final.

The track takes the rebound. It's hot. Jessica Castello is in diesel mode at the start of the match.

The games scroll. Jessica, who played for two years with the French Alix Collombon, is trying to motivate her partner to get back into this first round. It's not enough and Triay / Salazar makes a second break on a punto de oro to lead 4/1, service to follow.

There's not a lot of rhythm in this game. Triay / Salazar flies over this first set won 6/1.

Castello / Jensen throws in the towel

Alejandra Salazar serves to start this second set. And already, we have the impression that this second set could take the same path as the first round.  

At 6/1 1/0, Castello / Jensen throws in the towel.

Jessica Castello and Claudia Jensen seemed to know before the game that there was a problem. Jessica failed to get into the match. Claudia seemed not to move well from the start of this match.

For Salazar / Triay, it is a second consecutive victory in this tour of South America after the event won in Argentina.

This victory allows the Spanish pair to take back the first place in the world from Sanchez / Josemaria.

castella jensen world padel tour

Jensen injured

A priori, it would be an injury to Claudia Jensen which forced the pair to give up and explains the relatively low level of the match.

For Alejandra Salazar, it's a rather special victory with this abandonment, but she predicts “many victories for Claudia Jensen” who is only 17 years old.

Alejandra signs a record with a 50th victory on the circuit with three different partners.

The men's final World Padel Tour is to be followed in live on Canal +.

Franck Binisti

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