Shark is a brand of padel from Málaga. Padel Magazine meets its director Alfonso Jimenez during the International Club Cup padel, to get to know this brand more closely.

An Andalusian brand

Shark Padel was born in 2010 and the first pala was released on the market two years later.

“We did a lot of experimentation to give the player the best pala possible. We wanted power, control and not hurting the player.”, explains the manager.

The products are designed in Andalusia and Shark has a partnership with the University of Malaga, which analyzes one of the components of the pala every year. “The University allows us to investigate in order to improve ourselves.”

“It's a national product, Made in Malaga. We are in constant evolution because we are in perpetual contact with the players."

shark International Club Cup padel

Major partner of the International Club Cup

The Shark Company Padel is a textile partner of the CICP organized in Malaga.

“I saw in the International Club Cup of padel a very exciting project. This is in my opinion the best tournament to sponsor for my brand.”, precise Alfonso Jiménez.

This is the first time that Shark is on an event of this magnitude. The link between the CICP and Shark is for 3 years, renewable for two years.

“It's an excellent project, because Malaga City Council is very committed to this project. The Inacua center is also great. I see that this competition is bigger every year, and its potential is enormous. This allows us to bring our products to the four corners of the world!”

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