Sportn'play offers several services in the same software. Each service can be separated from each other to tailor the customer's installation as closely as possible to their needs and budget.

FUL HD recording

Automatically and continuously film all of your games without any intervention from staff or players.

- Automated Recordings

Autonomous recording of each time slot and recovery of all Full HD videos directly at the reception of the center. (Up to 7 days back). Storage of your videos on an internal server, for secure, unconstrained use of your files and accessible from the end of the match.

Fully customizable recording time as needed.

An automated system which will allow you to immortalize all the meetings, competitions, birthday packages, company events and all other activities with ease.


    Choice of the day Choice of the time slot          

 Video playback and transfer

- Sending & Transferring Videos for clients

Via the Sportn'play software installed at the reception of the center, send the requested videos directly to the customers' email address in a few seconds or offer to immortalize certain services by transferring them directly to personalized USB keys, to allow each customer to leave with their exploits in their pocket

100% required for coaching, children's birthdays, stag parties, corporate events ...

- Personalized Videos

Your logo will automatically appear on all recorded videos - Visibility of your brand on each recording - Strong communication -

- Partners / Sponsors banner

Every hour (between each time slot), display of the 2-minute advertising banner, automatically programmed which allows you to easily display the logo of partners or suppliers (Sponsoring) or your own communication.

Personalization of the banner in a few clicks from the reception. Very easy to use

Ability to display partners continuously when the land is not in use.

- Connected scorer

Display of a Score banner directly integrated into the screens on the field at the top of the image as well as on television (personalization of teams / players, time, customer logo, interactive commands, etc.)

Control of the score using a WiFi watch (1 to 2 watches per field) or via a small Display touch screen installed directly on the field (ideal for indoor football). Score display with just a touch. Reactivity and innovation - Classic or Tennis Scorer (Sets & games)


Installation of a screen in the field only for the large display of the score on the monitor. No video feedback but strong interactivity for the marking of points.

  • Customization of player / team names
  • Display of sets & games
  • Service display (auto change)
  • Tie Break (customizable)


Delayed replay on Ultra HD screens

Replay of the match in progress on the Big screen directly on the fields, thanks to the replay of the latest actions in a slight delay of a few seconds (customizable) to allow everyone to review their gesture or to check the refereeing.

A Unique service to nurture customers' need to see and see each other again after their actions, allowing them to correct themselves and improve their performance.

A fun, arbitrary, educational and trainer tool for your activity.



Directly on your screen, installed on the field, on the outskirts or in a dedicated space, display the score on the video feedback to allow everyone to follow the progress of the game at any time.

Display of the time, player names, games / sets, service ...


Broadcast live what is happening on your grounds in your spaces

Club House Bar. Interact with your audience and the opportunity to

strongly develop your ancillary products (consumption,

restorations, various ...)

=> From 1 to 16 cameras: Easily choose the camera to

broadcast on the screen. Possibility to switch automatically with

other cameras. Very easy to use

=> Materials, installation and configuration of the service

(Installs directly on your television present in your spaces)


Live communication

One initial cost - You own your License

(Usable "for life" on referenced cameras)

Communicate about all your events or highlights and go beyond all borders.

Share all your live animations on Youtube and / or Facebook very easily with a few clicks.

Boost your communication and your image by offering all people unable to travel or at a distance to follow what is happening on your land.

Immortalize all your Directs.

Allow everyone to see and review all your animations remotely on all media.

Develop the traffic and mindfulness of your club. Share all your highlights, events, tournaments, training sessions with ease.



Display of Sponsors / Partners

Develop your Sponsorship and Partnerships by integrating their visibility on your live broadcasts. Automatically display logos on the video. Very easy to configure to allow you a different commercial approach and strongly develop your sponsorship and your network. 

Score Display

Indicate the score of your matches on your live broadcasts.

The opportunity to follow the evolution of matches remotely on all types of media. Score, automated display of games / sets, who serves (customizable), name of players / teams (same service as on the field) 

SNAP Service - Best Moments Sequencing -

In the Scorer Sportn'play app, you can also Immortalize

each best moment of the match via the watch / connected tablet thanks to

to the "Snap" button of the application.

A simple click and find all your sequences in a folder

"Highlights", automatically created on your Management Panel

and recoverable at the end of the window. Customizable sequence time