It's hot at Roland-Garros and it's also hot between the players in this Greenweez Paris Major. The proof during the match under high tension won by Diestro and Leal against Stupaczuk and Di Nenno.

Manhandled by a pair they had beaten in Rome and Madrid, the Superpibes were frustrated to say the least yesterday afternoon. And when Diestro challenged an announcement from Stupa, the latter replied “you already stole from me in Madrid.” Not really to the taste of the Spaniard who called on his rival to change his tone and “not call him a thief”. Di Nenno, despite asking for forgiveness, the tone rose a little between the two adversaries as you will see below:

For the record, the left-hander's return was good (the video confirmed that the ball had hit the side window on his side but not on the opposing side), and Stupa, like his partner had done earlier, presented his apologies to his opponent. All's well that ends well therefore, in particular for the Spaniards who left with the victory, and with the big surprise of this start of Paris Major!

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