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There are hundreds of land sellers of padel. And it is very difficult to get an idea about the reliability of these companies and their products.

This is why in order to offer an optimal service, we have filtered the most serious companies for you.

We do not receive any commission and only want to inform in our opinion the land companies of padel the most reliable.

How? 'Or' What ? By forcing manufacturers to submit to our specific charter:

Sellers of land padel therefore undertakes to guarantee:

[toggle title = ”A professional service” state = ”open”] You will have a single French contact. [/ toggle]

[toggle title = ”The quality of their products” state = ”open”] The supply of their quality products and equipment meets all international standards. [/ toggle]

[toggle title = ”Tracks from padel made by themselves ”state =” open ”] Sellers of land of padel are first and foremost manufacturers of padel or official and exclusive representatives of these manufacturers. [/ toggle]